san charoenchai
reel shot list:

duran duran - paper gods
album visualizers. created 3D animated loops as promotional
videos for each song from the album 'paper gods'.

sony ps4 pro - E3
transitions, info graphics. created 2D presentation graphics and transition
toolkitfor sony ps4 pro E3 conference.

silicon cowboys - feature documentary
info graphics. created retro computer animations, lower 3rds
and other graphics for the film.

saving capitalism - netflix documentary
explainer graphics. created 2d collage graphics demonstrating various
political talking points for the film.

mark ronson - superbowl 50 halftime show
concert graphics. worked on various graphic animations for
mark ronson's tour as well as his appearance on the superbowl 50
pepsi halftime show.

the defiant ones - hbo documentary series
storytelling animations. animated various elements including articles,
photographs and historical artifacts.

sony E3 + sony playlink for ps4
promo animation. created scripts and characters to promote new sony
playstation games and systems

m.i.a. - feature documentary
typography animation.

the good breast - feature documentary
typography animation.

strive - feature film
title sequence. tracked and animated graphics for several
opening shots of the film.

the case of jonbenet ramsey - cbs documentary series
title sequence. created various info graphics and title
animation for the cbs series.

freakish - hulu television show
typographic animation.

the defiant ones - hbo documentary series
typographic animaton.

pizza hut - tv commercial
typographic animation.

vans off the wall - social media
social media animations.

spf -18 - feature film
title sequence. designed and animated an elaborate and colorful title
animation for the film.

alex israel's new waves - art show
promo animation. designed and animated 3d video to promote alex israel
art show in hong kong.

beach house - 7
album visualizers. created black and white graphics as promotional
videos for each song from the album '7'