A video I created for Miller 64 and Genero.tv that ended up winning the top prize. 'Rick' is basically an over-the-top health freak, that only drinks Miller 64, a low calorie beer. My approach to the animation was to create a something fun and quirky, with a lot of funny, little details, that would make viewers want to watch it over again. Written, animated and performed by me.
I had a lot of fun with the character design. I wanted to see how much of a stretchy, wobbly guy I could make, with the idea that he's an exercise freak and is unbelievably flexible.
I put in a bunch of personal little details into each scene -- Green Nike Cortez sneakers; I used to own a pair. A Prius car key on the table; the car I drive. A magazine that says 'Mulletproof'... etc.
I was very surprised that I so was fortunate to end up winning... For commercials, especially beer commercials, the immediacy and influence of live action seemed more applicable. But, I had a whole lot of fun making the spot, and I guess that came through in a big way.