A character design assignment I did for Thorberg & Forester for a Raid pitch they were working on. I collaborated with creative director Michael Darmanin. It was an interesting project, and I enjoyed the freedom in creating a modern, new look to their ant character design. But, in the end, I think they got a little hesitant and started leaning towards a more conventional look that was very similar to their original design. I continued the design process all the way into modelling, rigging and animated a simple walk cycle for the character.
Early on, I explored a wide range of different looks, including taking cues from modern cartoons like Adventure Time. I attempted to play with different possibilities for shapes and proportions of the character.
I took the loose sketches and tightened them up into vector lines and colors, and at the same time, played around with a smooth look and a more angular look. We also played around with a traditional 'Ren & Stimpy approach on the last few designs.
The client ended up selecting a very conventional design, and we went forward finessing the details of the facial features. The final design is shown on the right.
When the design was finalized, I moved into 3D and attempted to break down how the character would look in 3D space. We continued to tweak the shape and details, and then I finally moved into rigging and animating the model.