A spot I worked on for Yellowtail wine while I was working at UVPhactory. The bottles had to be instanced as 3D particles in order to automate the positioning and movement of them without animating each one individually (although a number of 'hero' bottles were animated manually). The spot was eventually displayed in Times Square during Thanksgiving, and we went on to create an additional spot for Christmas.
The client sent us a number of bottles as reference for the reflective properties of the shaders. We gladly accepted them.
There was the problem with the bottles intersecting, and unfortunately I couldn't avoid it without it affecting the end position of the bottles. We ended up leaving it as it was, since the resolution of the bottles was fairly quick.
The logic of the bottle arrangement wasn't quite true to reality, since in order for the bottle caps to get close enough to each other, the bottles would have to intersect with each other. But in the end, the visual impact of the turkey gag was a lot more important than making the logic work for the spot.