I was invited by Nickelodeon to pitch an idea for an animated short film, with potential to turn it into a series. Collaborating with my friend, writer Patricia Serrano, I came up with the idea of Panic Attack -- a brother and sister duo who would be explorers of the subconciousness. It was kind of a space exploration version of The X-Files with a retro 50s sci-fi/monster movie flavor. The pitch went pretty well, but unfortunately, the concept was not selected to go into production. I'm still really happy with how it turned out and it's possible I will return to it at some point.
Potential logo and mood board for the film. I imagined a lot of the action would take place on strange alien lands, that existed in the subconscious minds of young kids.
A style frame I created for the pitch. I ended up building out one of the characters in 3D, as well as doing a simple animation test (above), in order to show the potential of both myself and the idea.
Another style frame, emphasizing the danger and adventure aspect of the show. Since it takes place in the subconciousness, fears are prominent antagonists and become enemies that the duo has to overcome.
3D render of one of the main characters, as well as a couple different styles that I was playing with. I ended up sticking with the basic 3D look, as opposed to the 2D ones, because it felt the most natural, and less intrusive.
An early sketch of the characters, and another concept drawing that ended up in my pitch boards.
A bunch of expressions and poses I did for 'Zoe', the sister character.
Same thing for the brother character, who I called 'Ace'.
With help from Patricia, I completed a script for the 2-3 minute short, and boarded out the whole thing to show in the pitch. I got a pretty good response, but in the end perhaps it worked better as a short more than as a potential gold mine for an infinite amount of episodes. Back to the drawing board...