Music video created for a competition set up by and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. At the time, I think I was under a lot of stress from several extraneous responsibilites in my life, and felt obligated to things even though they had no importance to me. The world can often be overly complicated. The result is a simple story about a boy who discovers a portal into adult life. Taking inspiration from the great Paul Rand, I tried to create something very simple and innocent to fit the mood of the song. The video went on to be selected as a finalist.
I started thinking about playing with the frame sizes and split screens, to add more of a dynamic rhythm to the shots and also to place emphasis on certain things in the scenes. It's an effect I went back to again for the Miss Kittin video.
My goal with the character design was to create something as cute and simple as possible, to play up the innocence. It took some time to figure out the exact proportions I wanted.
The beat of the song is very distinct throughout, so I slowed the frame rate to match it exactly. The result is somewhat jarring, but I felt it was also very unique. I liked that it placed more emphasis on shots as individual still images as opposed to moving images so I ended up sticking with it.
The idea was to create a very chaotic environment that was out of the control of the main character, while he maintains a very blank expression. The purpose of this was for the viewer to project his or her own feelings onto the character.
I had the idea of including very simple, iconic shots that acted as symbols. The intention was to provoke different meanings and interpretations.