I was approached by an electronic artist from Poland, DNAC to create a video for the track 'Hypnotized'. It was an interesting track and an opportunity to make a fun, subliminal and dark video. I took a lot of inspiration from David Lynch's 'Eraserhead' and the films of Luis Buñuel. I tried to put an new spin on traditional hypnotizing devices. I was also starting to incorporate live-action footage, and get more experience with that (although it was mostly shot on my own with an old camcorder in my kitchen.)
The concept was pretty simple, just a guy in a chair getting hypnotized... and then leading to another guy in a chair getting hypnotized. But I thought of ways I could create surrealist 'echos' and repeating patterns with footage.
These are some original style frames and references I put together for the treatment. I ended up changing the type treatment because the artist wanted something closer to his personal font choice. I still really like my original type design, and hopefully can find a use for it elsewhere.
The final type treatment I ended up using. I believe every font, if used properly, can be made to look good.
As I mentioned, I was trying to gain more experience shooting footage, so that's footage of my eye that I shot by shoving the camera into my eye. It is a lot more challenging that it seems, because I can't see what I'm shooting, since my eye is stuck in the camera. Through trial and error, I eventually got the footage I needed.
The character started off as a basic human model, and I used a polygon reduction too to give it a blocky look. After that, I added a lot more density to the polygons so I could smooth out the edges. I chose a very glossy material for the shader so despite being black, it would help him pop out from the background.