This video was a collaboration with the very talented Brian Roettinger who worked on the album artwork for Mark Ronson's Uptown Special album. I came up with some simple and elegant animation based on the logo that Brian created. I originally went a bit nuts with animation ideas, imagining building rooftops, horns and dancing people. But ultimately decided to keep it very stripped down and focus almost entirely on the logo instead of adding too many extraneous elements.
I used the automated text animation in After Effects to expedite the letter animation. Unfortunately the ramping didn't really have a 'bouncey' preset so I had to kind of fake it with two animations effects working together. I'm sure there was an easier way around things, but I never found it...
Interestingly enough, the video was originally intended for a different track: 'Uptown Funk'. They changed it after I had already animated it halfway... so I had to rework a lot of it. It ended up working out in the end, and I think the minimal nature of the video actually matches the Mystikal track better anyway. But I originally had these crosses animated because the chorus of 'Uptown Funk' had the word 'Hallelujah' repeating in it... then they changed the track. And I was like "Fuggit, let's just leave the crosses in it."
The whole video was done super fast, in about 2 weeks. But I had a lot of fun and freedom on it, which was great. It's a killer track and it looks like the album is really great too, so I'm glad to be at least a little part of it.