An animated music video for James Hersey's track 'What I've Done'. The video deals with one of my deepest fears - being separated from loved ones after death. Conceptualized and animated in about 3 weeks.
Some brainstorming sketches of the characters and props. I loved the shape and design of the characters when I removed their necks, although it did prove a quite challenge to animate.
I think I especially enjoy creating characters based on well-known entities such as devils and angels because their attributes are so well-known that it becomes way more obvious when you're subverting those distinct characteristics.
For most shots, the characters pieces (face, head, arms, legs etc) were drawn 3-4 times and looped to create some hand-drawn wobbly movement. Once wobbly, they pieces were animated with a puppet tool.
I wanted to treat the environments in a very simple, graphic way. There is a certain charm to designs that are so far away from reality, but just close enough that you can recognize what you're looking at.
Usually split screens are frowned upon as gimmicky, but I figure hell with it, they're fun! In this case, I thought it could be really cool if they end up crossing the line that divides them.