An interesting music video I animated based on the work of model-turned-artist Niki De Saint Phalle (1930 – 2002). She created a personal picture book called 'My Love, Where Shall We Make Love?' which inspired singer/ songwriter Soko to create a beautiful, Sonic Youthesque song 'Love Letter'. I got in contact with director Aaron Rose about creating a video based on the illustrations in the book. I ended up trying to create a loose storyline about a relationship that eventually goes sour.
Each drawing had to be traced into vector lines in order to achieve the right 'wiggly' hand drawn look. Although it was a slow and tedious process, in the end it saved a lot of time versus actually drawing everything frame by frame.
The vector outlines were treated with various techniques to create an ink and color pencil look. I created custom video loops of paper textures and color pencil scribbles to add to the stop-motion effect. I was able to reuse these loops throughout all the shots in the video and save some time.
Both the song and the artwork felt very personal, so it was extremely important to stay authetic to the look of every illustration, while maintaining a spontaneous energy throughout the animation. I tried my best to remain aesthetically invisible in the process.
The sequence of the shots actually differs from the original page order from the book. As a book, each page has more weight, so it was able to be more random and stream-of-consciousness. With the video, things had to feel more cohesive. I ended up rearranging the order of things to create a stronger narrative flow in the edit.
Without much continuity between images and each shot being relatively static, it was important that the video moved logically from shot to shot and did not meander or get too slow or boring.