A music video I directed and animated for Sam Spiegel's band N.A.S.A. and Karen O. The song is a groovy take on an old classic and I absolutely dug it. I thought it would be interesting to mix iconic Western imagery with the glossy feel of an old Michael Jackson video. I also discovered a video montage of several James Bond title sequences and I took major inspiration from how they played with scale and graphic surrealism, while not necessarily having to be bound to a narrative.
These are some original style frames I created for the video treatment. The colors started off more bright and warm, and I slowly moved towards a darker, more disco-y palette as I progressed through the video. I also started adding a lot more sparkles, glows and smoke.
I designed some characters to represent Karen and Sam, but the idea was to keep them in silhouette, similar to the James Bond sequences I mentioned above. I also developed an idea for a shooting gallery 'stage' that I could repurpose with various prop ideas-- animals, cactus etc.
The song had some album artwork designed by Galen Pehrson which I was initially trying to go with, but I later abandoned. It did however, get me thinking about ducks, which got me thinking about ducks at shooting galleries. So it ended up being sort of a callback to the original artwork when I decided to have the character riding a duck towards the end of the video.
Upon listening to the song, I imagined smoke slowly drifting through the air. So I attempted to create an effect where puffs of smoke would morph into the words of the song. I ended up figuring out a technique involving 3D geometry, and I reused it several times throughout the video.
Rendering the reflections for the sheriff badge took a ridiculous amount of time, especially considering a lot of it ended up being treated in a very flat graphic way. But I really like how the shots turned out and I feel like they fit the song nicely.