A music video I submitted for a competition set up by Genero.tv and Trident Gum. To my surprise and absolute pleasure, I ended up taking home the grand prize! Very much inspired by Andy Warhol, I set out to create something kind of bizarre, weird and colorful that didn't necessarily make that much sense, but was still fun to watch. Conceptualized and animated in little over 2 weeks.
I'm not sure what drugs I was doing at the time, but I somehow thought about having these cubes that would flip open like Jack-In-The-Boxes and have robotic arms or legs that would perform various meaningless functions. Upon listening to the somewhat cheesy synth opening of the song over and over again, that's what popped into my head.
I think the idea for the disco motorbike developed because I thought it was be funny and ridiculous having the visual of some legs pedalling a bike really fast to the beat of the song. The bike grew into something really nutty looking, which I think unfortunately makes the ending scene a little bit anticlimactic.
I think in some cases, I found a Warhol screen printing that I liked and used the color picker to steal the color palette. Maybe it's cheating but, like Picasso says... 'Steal shit.'
Unfortunately, I started running out of time towards the end and I wasn't able to make the ending scene as grand as I wanted. Looking back at the project a year later, I would do it very differently. But if I recall correctly, I remember scrambling through those last few shots in literally a matter of hours, right up until the last minute before the competition deadline. So maybe I should just be happy that I won something, and move on...