A fun, short animation created while I was at UVPhactory in New York. The film was part of a series in celebration of IDN Magazine's 100th issue. Inspired by Death Proof and every other badass desert car movie, I led a

San Charoenchai
Sue Jang
John H. Lee
Valentin Boschi
Madhura Krishnan
team in a collabrative effort to create something interesting in our down time and bring the team closer together.
Lizard model and animation was by Sue Jang. Intricate little details like these added more dynamics to the overall action.
The entire film's action was very tightly storyboarded before moving into 3D, and then finessed again before we rendered any frames, just so no time was wasted rendering unnecessary frames. It was a lot of fun to play with the editing and timing of things (including the audio soundtrack) with the goal of creating a rush of excitement and adrenaline.